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Fire Restrictions


Fire District service fees
Wednesday, 25 May 2011 17:21

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Adopted February 28, 2011

Revised October 11, 2011

District Services Fee Policy


Pursuant to A.R.S 48-805.B.14 and A.R.S. 48-814, Fire Districts are allowed to establish and set fee schedules for services to nonresidents and nontax payers of the District such as emergency fire and emergency medical services, user’s fees, plans reviews, standby charges, fire cause determination, facilities benefit assessments or any other fee schedule that may be required. 

In view of this authority provide by State Statutes the following fee schedule is established for services provided by the Fire District to nonresidents and nontax payers of the District.  This fee schedule does not include services provided under the State land Contract for wild land fire suppression.


Fire, Haz-mat, Standby, etc.


• $700.00 per hour per fire engine, 1 hour minimum


• $500.00 per hour per brush truck, 1 hour minimum


• $350.00 per hour per water tender, 1 hour minimum


• $150.00 per hour per command vehicle, 1 hour minimum


• Materials such as oil-dry and foam will be invoiced on a cost plus 50% basis.


• Damaged or destroyed equipment will be invoiced on a cost plus 50% basis.


• Service calls i.e. Illegal burns, lockouts, snake removal, welfare checks and any other service call, outside of the fire district will be billed at a rate of  $200.00 per hour (effective January 1, 2012 the rate for snake and bee service calls will increase to $350.00).


Billing fees for report copies:


• A $15.00 fee shall be charged for all requests for copies of reports.


Invoices for services will be processed and mailed promptly following each applicable incident response.

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